We Make Animated Videos

Mostly for Social Enterprises

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients

“Working with Storywise has been a most worthwhile experience for Macroom E. Paul took great time and effort in understanding our Circular Ocean project which was critical in getting the story right. This combined with his creativity led to the creation of a wonderful animation that depicts the story of our project better than we could have imagined. We look forward to working on the next one!”Michelle Green | Circular Ocean


  • Meet Up

    We get together and discuss what you need. Talk budget, timeframe, length and style of your video. Get the ball rolling with a paid deposit (typically 50% of the job). Then it’s full steam ahead.

  • Concept

    We’ll send you a short questionnaire to help us get to the bottom of what you need explained. We’ll learn everything we can about your industry, competition and target market. Once every stone is unturned, we’ll start on your script.

  • Script Writing

    We’ll send you the first draft of a script for approval. We’ll do as many revisions as needed until you’re absolutely happy. The script is the most important step. This is your story… the thing people remember most.

  • Professional Voiceover

    We record the script with a male or female voiceover artist – whichever suits your story.

  • Illustrations - Animations

    This is where the magic happens. We begin the process of creating bespoke illustrations and characters to fit your brand. Then it’s animation time – bring your story to life.

  • Sound and Music

    We’ll add a few carefully-chosen sound effects and music to enhance the video. After another round of approval, we’re almost there!

  • Delivery

    Once the final video has been approved and paid for, we’ll render your video in full HD and share a file to upload and embed wherever you like. Then you can show it off to the world and be the envy of all your competitors 🙂

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”Maya Angelou


Storywise is a video and animation production company based in Cork, Ireland.

We’re a small team of digital storytellers, illustrators and animators who make animations for businesses whose primary purpose is the common good.

In a world that is brisling with problems, we hope to make a positive difference.

The company was founded in 2013 by its creative director Paul Shannon.

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When you want more than just a corporate-sounding message — and you want your audience to really connect with you — it’s time for a STORYWISE video.

Our speciality?

Telling your story in a way

that MOVES people.


Well-crafted videos like ours help you put your best foot forward, every time.